Management of finances is essential as they are the ones who fulfill our every need. We must know where to invest in order to avoid financial losses. Proper investment of funds provides benefits and helps you grow your funds. In order to do that there are various schemes that are beneficial and which secure your assets.


1: Book your Dream Home with Just 2%* Own Contribution
2: Earn Additional Rental Income Immediately

No Stamp Duty & Registration

1: PRE-EMI on booking with ARV Group at only 4%
2: Maximum Funding available with us from Reputed Banks


Business :

  • Latest 3 years income tax returns with profits and loss account & balance sheet.
  • Latest 3 years form 26
  • Shop act license
  • Updated Last 6 months current & saving All bank account statement.
  • Loan Account Statement or repayment Track of all current Running Loan-If Any

Salary :

  • Latest 3 months salary slip.
  • Last 1 years Form no.16
  • Updated Last 6 months bank Statement of Salary account & all other saving account (if any)
  • If any current loan running than it’s loan account statement / Repayments Track Record OR Closure letter
  • Builder cost sheet


  • One photo each(Applicant & Co-applicant)
  • ID proof (PAN Card / Aadhar Card/ Passport/Driving License.)-Any one
  • Resi. Address Proof (Aadhar card, Passport, Telephone bill, MSEB bill )- Any one


  • Processing fees As per bank / Financial Institution Norms
  • Stamp duty/ ESBTR Charges – 0.2 % of Sanction loan amount (+) Ester doing Agent charges ( – At the time of Disbursement.)
  • All documents self attested. by Applicant – Co-applicant.
  • Processing fees  As per bank / Financial Institution Norms
  • 0.2 % of Sanction loan amount Stamp Duty/Ester charges (As per rule of Government of Maharashtra) plus ESBTR doing Agent charges -(In Cash or Transfer ) (At the time of Disbursement)
  •  Notice of Mortgage Intimation Process & charges will be explained at the time of disbursement by HDFC ltd officer.( This process is mandate by Government of Maharashtra after disbursement happen)


  • Builder Cost sheets
  • Photo each – (Applicant & Co-applicant)
  • ID proof – (PAN Card/Passport/Aadhar Card.) – Any one
  • Current Residential Address Proof – (Aadhar card ,Copy of Registered Valid rent Agreement, MSEB Bill, Telephone bill, Passport, Gas card with latest)- Any one from this.


  • What is Flexi EMI Scheme?
    Flexi EMI is an option provided by Home Finance Companies for not paying any Pre EMI for up to 18 months, which would be capitalized on the principal loan amount for balance tenure of the loan.
  • How does capitalizing interest work in a Flexi EMI Scheme?
    In a Flexi EMI Scheme, the interest that accumulates during the no Pre-EMI period (e.g., up to 18 months) is added to the principal amount of the loan. This revised principal amount is then used to calculate EMIs for the remaining tenure of the loan.
  • Are there any benefits to choosing a Flexi EMI Scheme?
    The primary benefit of a Flexi EMI Scheme is the financial relief during the initial phase of purchasing a property, as borrowers don’t have to pay EMIs while their home is under construction. This can help in managing cash flow better during the early stages of home ownership.

Disclaimer: The Financial schemes mentioned by ARV group may change as per the banks policy and Subject to availability. The user should make self-evaluation or assessment of the schemes in which he/she wishes to invest and is suggested to consult a financial professional advisor. ARV group is not liable for these changes.